GCSE Results Day

Whether you got good grades or bad grades, keep your head high!
Whether you got good grades or bad grades, keep your head high!

Today will have been GCSE results day and so I just wanted to write a post on it. If you received good results, then congratulations! All the hard work paid off and you either got what you expected or you exceeded expectations and done better than what you had anticipated. The next step is of course A Levels. Do not think that just because there are four of them that it will be easier than GCSEs. I learnt that the hard way. A Levels are very difficult but if you approach A Levels with a good mentality (read my earlier posts to help you out), then you will be in a good position to get really good grades.

If you did not get the grades you were hoping for, then don’t worry about it. Think about the next step going forward. Many people, when faced with failure, tend to drown in their sorrows and to not move forward. The key is to plan your next step, even if it means taking one step backwards to move ten steps forward. Have a plan of action! Are you going to retake? Have you got in the college you wanted but you just don’t like the grades you got? Whatever the case may be, think about what you need to do in order to help you progress and to help your development.

I have said this in many posts; failure does not define you. Your GCSE grades do not define you. Yes, you may have had a bad day today and you didn’t get the grades you were hoping for. Do some research on some successful people. I can bet that a lot of them failed some of their GCSEs or may not even have GCSEs. The reason they are successful today is because they had the right mindset and they pushed through and overcame any adversity which came their way. That is what you must do as well. If you believe that you need to pass a certain GCSE which you failed, then retake it. There is always something which can be done in life which helps you move forward. You just need to open your mind!


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