Be Like Water

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Water has a lot of properties which we, as human beings, can incorporate into our lives!

Water has a lot of properties which human beings can apply in their lives in order to help with their development.

When water enters a cup, it becomes the cup. When water enters a teapot, it becomes the teapot. This is a famous quote from Bruce Lee and the concept behind it is that water adapts to its surroundings. Whenever water enters a new environment, it becomes the environment. To relate this to human beings, we enter new environments every day. In our career, we will enter offices, we will meet new people etc. Be confident in every environment that you find yourself in. It is easy to be confident in your own house but to shrivel up when meeting a new person in a formal interview. However, if you are confident inside and out in all environments, then this will show to anyone you meet and everyone will have a good impression of you!

Another lesson we can take from the above is that water adapts. Water can change its shape to whatever it is being poured into. We can also adapt to our surroundings. You may have to do some extra workload which you didn’t expect. You may have to complete some work in a quicker time than what was originally asked. There will be many scenarios where something unexpected will happen and when it does, you have to adapt to put yourself in the best position.

Water can flow and it can crash. Water can come in waves where it reaches its peak and then it will dip back down. Every human being will have their highs and lows. Embrace them for what they are. When you are at the top, do not become complacent. Think about how to get better. When you are at the bottom, do not be discouraged. Think about why you are at the bottom and what you need to do to get to the top again. There is always something you can do to improve. It is just a matter of if you want it hard enough.

I now open the floor for you guys to put in the comments below what we as human beings can take inspiration from. It can be water or it can be something else. I look forward to hearing your responses.


  1. Great post, Kamran. Life means constantly adapting. You can’t get around it. But like water cuts through a rock one drop at a time, persistence makes all the difference. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Water is very plastic – for sure. But there are other plastic substances, such as sand. It can also take any form, it can penetrate inside and envelop the outside. But then it will not disappear if it is poured like water on the ground or in a sink. And if you fail to maintain integrity, the grains of sand will crumble, then it, like a person, can be put together. By the way, now even sculptures are made of sand.

  3. we as humans can be like berries. berries take a year or two to even start to bear a fruit. It may take us decades to accomplish something, but after you acomplish it, it will turn out great just like the berries turn out sweet.

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