Do Not Seek Attention

Do Not Seek Attention Picture
Why waste energy on seeking attention when you can do something productive?

When you try and get other people’s attention, this will not look good for yourself. The best thing you can do is to be yourself as this will help build the right picture to everyone you meet. I do understand that you want to look good in front of new people and you want to create a good first impression but trying too hard will be your downfall.

Let your work speak for itself. If you have produced really good work, then your peers will notice. If you brag about everything good you have done, then everyone will see you as being egotistical and self-centred. Learn to be humble and your results will be praised.

Seeking attention can also lead to you ‘playing the victim’. What I mean is that whenever something negative happens to you, you play the victim to elevate yourself above others. You use this experience to hide away from the fact that you’ve done a poor job. With this mentality, nothing is your fault. This is a bad mentality to have because you will not be responsible for anything but if anything good happens, then it was all because of you.

Learn to share the spotlight. If you are working in a group and the group does really well, then don’t be the person to tell everyone exactly what you did to brag to other people. Accept the fact that it was a group effort and present your findings as a group. If, of course, you feel like you did ALL the work and nobody else did anything, then speak up but if everyone contributed, then it is best to take the credit as a group rather than individually.

Everything I have said above does come with circumstantial scenarios. There may be occasions where you are asked to present what you have done. There may be a time where you have to say what you did individually for a group task. For the above scenarios, it is perfectly fine to talk about your contributions.



  1. β—‡ Diamond Hard – I Hate Being TOLD WHAT TO DO!!! EveryOne and “Do Not Seek Attention” falls in to that hatreds category; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that I CHOOSE AND ONLY I DECIDE!!! what I Do and if it Means “Seeking Attention” then so mote be it – Diamond Hard πŸ€—


  2. “to be yourself as this will help build the right picture to everyone you meet” – it applies to everything in the world. this is the best advice possible!

  3. Yeah, we’ve all been there. I think it’s just a part of maturity and learning the value of genuine people as we get older instead of harvesting forced praise.

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