Put Your Laptop Away

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When you are in the classroom or even in a lecture, a pen and paper is much more efficient than a laptop!

Now a lot of you may be startled with the title and thinking to yourself, “Why the hell is this guy telling me to put my laptop away?” Well, I would respond by first saying that this is a good question. I would then say that putting your laptop away relates to the classroom and even lecture halls.

When a teacher is speaking and teaching you new topics, write this down with a pen and paper. If you feel like you write quicker with a laptop, that is fine but when reviewing notes, write down what you need to learn with a pen and paper because you memorise what you write more than what you type.

It is also a known fact that when writing your notes on a laptop, you do not take in all the information and it makes it that much harder to remember when preparing for exams. You are much more likely to remember information which you have written by hand.

When it comes to applying the material, those who write their notes by hand are much more likely to grasp the concept and use it to solve other problems than those who type their notes on a laptop. This proves once again that when typing notes on a laptop, you are not grasping the concept enough to apply to different situations.

This is also the case when it comes to definitions. If you want to memorise definitions, then typing them up is definitely not the best way to go. To memorise definitions, the technique I use is that I write down the first definition whilst looking at the correct answer so I know how it should be worded. I then try to remember it and I then attempt to write down the definition off the top of my head. At least then, I know what I have remembered and what I still need to remember. I repeat this process until I can write down the definition with no problems. I then move onto the next definition that I need to memorise but when I try to write the second definition, I write the first definition to ensure that it is ingrained in my brain because why remember the second definition when you’re going to forget the first one? So I write all the previous definitions when learning a new definition and I do this until I have memorised all the definitions.

If the exam is going to be by pen and paper, then the best way to prepare answering the questions is also by pen and paper.


  1. I have not heard of such studies that prove that what was recorded with a pen, and not on a computer, is better remembered.
    But in any case, ballpoint pens will recede into the past all the same in the near future, as once fountain pens. And this process is unstoppable.
    Some countries, such as the USA, Finland, have already refused calligraphy in the number of subjects taught at the school. And this process continues …

    • I remember reading it online somewhere that studies proved this, not sure how accurate the source is but in any case, I have found myself that I take in more information when writing it down by hand rather than typing it up.

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