Hard Work or Talent?

Hard Work Or Talent Picture
Does hard work beat talent as the saying goes? Or is talent more important?

We have all heard of the saying “Hard work beats talent”. This can most definitely be true however there are many occasions when that talent within alongside hard work will beat pure hard work with no talent. That is why I prefer the following quote which is an extension of the first one – “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”.

There can be no argument that hard work beats talent when the person who is talented is very arrogant and does not put in any work at all. But what if the person who is talented works not just as hard but even harder than everybody else? Well, then you get people who are at the top of their fields. People like Floyd Mayweather who has all the God-given ability in the world who also trains when everybody is sleeping. Everyone takes a look from the outside and they see all the partying and him living his best life and they think that he is not working on boxing. However, Floyd dedicated himself to the sport from the beginning all the way up to the end of his career which is why he retired undefeated winning 50 pro fights.

Now, I think people may disagree with me here but I believe that Cristiano Ronaldo is a product of hard work and little talent when he started to play football. He worked on the footballing game so much that he is now known as one of the best footballers to ever play. His attitude is first class and if you watch videos from his former team-mates, they will all talk highly of him. One team-mate had said that he arrived in training very early because he wanted to be the first one there however Ronaldo was already there training. Another team-mate had said that after a long training session, they went to Ronaldo’s house to wind down. Ronaldo had prepared them a healthy meal followed by them training in the garden. So it is clear that Ronaldo works very hard to stay at the top of his game.

I personally do not compare hard work and talent because there are people who are really hard working but they are not working smart so they are not getting anywhere. Others are very talented but they do not work hard. I just have the mentality that if you are talented that you work as hard as everybody else, if not harder to maintain being at the top because it is one thing getting to the top but a whole different thing staying there. If you are hard working, then work hard in the right places and work smart where you need to. Do not burn yourself out trying to work as hard as you can but rather ensure that when you work hard, you become one step closer to success.


  1. Hard work has no alternative similarly talented people are never jobless but to be fortunate is something that sometimes outshine both hard work as well as talent.What do you say about it?๐Ÿค”

  2. Really interesting read. It touches on a topic that is relevant to everyone out there wanting to secure a stable career and work in general.

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