There Is More Than One Way To Get The Right Answer

There Is More Than One Way To Get The Right Answer Picture
There are many ways to get to the right answer, you just need to free your mind to explore different avenues!

Do not have the mentality of trying one answer and then giving up. This will do you no good for the future and in your future career. You need to explore different options to get to the right answer. There will be times when you will be handed tasks. Of course, there will be an ideal way to complete the task in which case, this should be your go to from the get go. However, if this does not work, then try another way to complete the task. Ask your colleagues for help if need be.

Having more than one way to get to the correct answer does not mean that you have to explore all these different options by yourself. Some of these avenues will require you to collaborate with colleagues. This really helps with your communication skills and your versatility. If you can fail with one possible solution and then continue your work and offer another solution without losing any motivation, then this is a really good trait to have in your locker.

This topic ties in nicely with the concept of never giving up. It is easy to feel disheartened when you get a question wrong or when you have wasted time exploring the wrong avenue and it doesn’t answer the question at all. Something I like to see are people who can pick themselves up and who can answer the question correctly, no matter how many times they have failed in the past.

It is easy to find the answer in one swoop. The challenge and how you will increase your brain power is to look for new answers and new angles to problems you may encounter.

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  2. Totally agree with you. It is so important to try different options to find what suits us the most. If you don’t try, you never know what amazing opportunities are out there for you!

    • Hey there Tina, thank you for the kind words on your blog, I absolutely love it 😍

      I don’t accept awards anymore unfortunately as I like to keep my blog full of content to help my readers but it means so much to me that you nominated me for this award. It does really mean a lot πŸ€—

      • I totally understand. The only reason I do accept awards from time to time is to promote other bloggers. You deserve it, Kamran. Your content is great!

      • Yeah that is the one upside of it. Again thank you sooo much for the nomination and your kind words!

        If there are any posts or any topics you would like for me to write about in particular, then feel free to let me know and I’ll be sure to add it to the list

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