Stick To A Routine

Be disciplined and have a structure which you build your life around!
Be disciplined and have a structure which you build your life around!

You should endeavour to be disciplined in your day to day life. This will transcend into bigger and better things because you will then want to be disciplined when it comes to the more important things in life. You will want to show up to meetings early and you will want to have the highest work ethic. Being disciplined can be applied to any facet of life and it is just a mental battle between yourself.

Having structure allows you to know what you are doing ahead of when you are doing it. If you plan your day right from the get go, you can then work around this schedule and it will dramatically reduce your chances of missing deadlines or being stressed due to time constraints. There will always be moments where something out of the blue may occur and it will throw your whole timing off. If you had a planned day however, these out of the blue occurrences can be worked around your schedule for the day or you can push it back at a later date.

Efficiency is something which I am a big advocate for. Being disciplined and having a routine will maximise your efficiency and will enable you to keep on top of your workload. When you have something written down or when you know you need to do something, you will do it subconsciously. It will be like second nature whereas if you don’t have it noted anywhere, you open the risk of forgetting what it was you needed to do.

If you do something bit by bit per day, this will build up over time. So going to the gym even for half an hour per day will show results in the future if that was your goal. Remember that you don’t need to go all in on one day. You can break up your goal bit by bit to make it more manageable and achievable.

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  1. ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇

    ◇ …and understand exception ALL, breaking from a “routine” in ‘trying and exceptional circumstances; ‘cos that is where Lessons ARE Learned EveryOne so:

  2. Efficiency, discipline, and routine are all desirable.
    As an example I remember when I decided I wanted to learn to swim better and wanted to swim a kilometer none stop, 40 lengths at my swimming pool here.

    I had a friend, Kevin, at work and he had the same goal. So Kevin and I started swimming 5 days a week at the pool, we would go on our lunch break. Six minute walk to the pool, quick change and swim 20 minutes, quick change and quick walk back.

    Kevin was a great partner to keep me on track. In the pool he swam behind me and tapped my feet if I slowed down, and if I stopped on the side of the pool, he would quickly get me going again. If I wanted to take a day off, he would smile and say “Come On” and I would go, and I would go and be glad I did.

    We swam week in and week out at the pool, in the summer we would swim in the lake, even if it was windy.

    I would never have made it if not for Kevin, he helped me have routine and discipline. After about 18 months I could swim 60 lengths nonstop in 20 minutes before going back to work, and I wasn’t breathless at all. I wish I kept it up now, but I know I can do it again if I have discipline and routine.

  3. Thank you absolutely love it for it is the truth. I love Proverbs 16:3 whereas it says commit to the Lord whatever you do and He will establish your plans.
    Why Writing Down Your Vision Is Powerful. … And the LORD answered me: ‘Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it. –Habakkuk 2:2. Writing down affirmations and visions for our future lives not only helps us discover our true desires, it also helps bring them to pass

  4. I definitely believe in being disciplined. It’s kept me on point my whole life. “Flexi-bilities” however, are the main threads 🧵that have always held 64 years of my frequently “new and different” routines together. They have also kept me interested, adventurous, passionate, less resentful of myself or others, and far from bored. I suppose forging out on my own at age 15 may have more than a little something to do with this. No complaints here!😊

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  5. Discipline is one of the virtues of success, your success in life is not completed without discipline.a God sent agent for longevity.

    If you truly want enduring success,than be ready to get married to discipline.
    Thanks for sharing this.
    How are doing and how is your weekend?

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