Your Character Is Your Biggest Asset

Your Character Is Your Biggest Asset Picture
Always strive to be helpful!

You should always endeavour to help as many people as you can within your ability to do so. Even if it is just a query from your friends, try and be as helpful as possible and if you don’t have the answers, then try and point them in the right direction. Always make time for people because you never know when you may need their help in the future.

By being helpful and having a good character, you build good relationships with people around you. People will remember you as being a good person and are more likely to help to return the favour.

Being helpful also increases knowledge because if you help and teach someone about a particular topic, it consolidates your understanding of that topic. Also, if your friend had a query about something and you were able to help them, this means that when you possibly struggle with that same thing down the line, you will already know how to deal with this because you had helped your friend whereas if you had not been helpful in the past, you would not have known how to do this.

For me, character is a big thing and we should all strive to have a good character and be kind and genuine to one another. No one likes a person that puts other people down all the time. Be that person who lifts the spirit of others and who makes time for their loved ones.

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  1. Following the golden rule of treating others as you would like to be treated is a happier life. Doing more than give lip service and actually helping your friends and neighbors will give you a lifetime of kind friends and neighbors and peace. I am happy to help a stranger even because strangers have helped me. I have stopped and changed a strangers tire because I listened to the small voice inside me that told me to stop.

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