Do Not Stress Over What You Cannot Influence

Do Not Stress Over What You Cannot Influence Picture
If you cannot change the outcome of the situation, then why stress?

We as human beings tend to get stressed when there is a huge load on our shoulders or when there is a high expectation of us. This kind of stress is expected because it is directly linked with us. However, we also go through phases of stress over decisions or situations which we cannot control or influence. Now, this is the type of stress which you shouldn’t go through!

If you cannot affect the situation, then why stress out about it? Why feel down when there is literally nothing you can do to change the situation? The best thing to do is to keep your head held high. Stress under these circumstances will not help at all and will put a downer on the rest of your day.

If you are feeling stressed about something which is directly linked to you and you can control and influence it, then this makes sense. The best way to go about this is to first identify why you are stressed. Then think to yourself what you need to do to put yourself in a better position and then finally, put this into action.

Stress is something we all encounter in our day to day lives. It is how we deal with stress which separates each individual from one another. Don’t let stress get to you and always think about how you can get out of these situations. If it is a huge decision which you are feeling stressed about and you want to weigh out your options, then I would always recommend to write a pros and cons list. This will allow you to visualise the options and it will make life a lot easier in making these decisions.

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  1. There are two kinds of stress: distress (which is negative) and eustress (which is positive). We don’t want to be distressed, yet we can consider embracing eustress, since that can help us to carry out our work and roles positively.


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  3. Yes! As Jesus worded it, “Don’t worry about tomorrow. Tomorrow has enough worries of it’s own. Today’s worries are enough for today.”

    So basically don’t stress. Our thoughts get ahead of us. Breathe. But He also taught to seek what was most important…things above: the kingdom of God. Then we wouldn’t need to worry because God provides and helps us. 😊

    I enjoyed your post, Kamran! It always gets me thinking!

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