Everyone Is Fighting Their Own Battle!

Everyone Is Fighting Their Own Battle Picture
Treat everyone the way you would like to be treated because you don’t know the demons everyone is fighting on the inside.

Remember that everyone has their own battles that they are fighting. When you treat someone with disrespect, you are not thinking about how much they are struggling with internally. Anger can be a dangerous thing because it clouds your judgement. You are only thinking about that moment in time rather than the wider context.

Let’s go through a simple example. If you see someone walking slowly in front of you and you cannot go past, you may push them out of the way in anger and frustration. Little did you know that the person has an life-long injury in which they cannot walk at normal speed ever again. Now, if you had knew this beforehand, you would have been perfectly fine walking behind them or you would have politely moved in front of them.

The lesson I am trying to teach here is to not let the anger get the better of you. Always think before you act out in rage or in frustration. Just as you may be dealing with things no one knows about, the same goes for everybody else. Assumptions will often lead to back biting and will cloud your judgement.

Show respect to everyone you encounter!

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  1. I like how you supported your lesson with a story, it is interesting to me right now as I am writing a speech about leadership styles. I am giving some points and then telling a story to illustrate my points, and I have been trying to decide if that is the order for the two segments of my speech. If I do it in one sequence the story illustrates the points I have talked about, but if I choose the other the story creates interest in the audience and the points reinforce the story. It’s sometimes hard to decide isn’t it?

    • Thanks soo much for the kind words 😊

      It is very hard to decide at times. I guess it matters which story you are telling and the lessons which can be pulled from that story

  2. There is a quote that says, “everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.” You never know what a person is dealing with on the inside or what they have faced in life. It’s been through sharing of my own personal struggles that others have opened up to me about what they are dealing with. I have been shocked at some of the things I’ve been told in confidence, “you just never know.”

    People don’t act out towards others in hurtful ways because they are feeling great about themselves, they do so because they are hurting inside. The times I acted out towards others was because I was hurting on the inside or felt like I was losing an external battle. Regardless of where the pain came from the point is we act out because we are hurting inside. I have been that person and others have been that person towards me.

    We need to take a deep breath and realize we are dealing with a hurting person and extend them love, forgiveness and grace.

    • I completely agree with this and I absolutely love that quote.

      I feel it is when someone you know acts out of their character that you should then start to wonder how they are

      • And even those you don’t know–that rude cashier at the grocery store, or that person who shoot you the finger in traffic…We have no idea what is going on in their lives, maybe they just lost a loved one, maybe they were just terminated from their job. We simply just don’t know!

  3. Yes! It is so difficult to not react “off the cuff”. It’s something I still struggle with even understanding the importance of this message. But absolutely something to be aware of and continue improving in.

    • It is very difficult, I completely agree.

      But if you have the mindset that everyone may have their own struggles, it puts a lot of things into perspective

  4. “Remember that everyone has their own battles that they are fighting.”

    I think this is key to living a peaceful life. When we think only of ourselves, we become angry, frustrated, and irritable. When we consider what others may be going through, we act in compassion and understanding.

    • I do agree with this being the key to living a peaceful life. I’ve noticed that when I consider the struggles of other people, my character is so much more better

  5. Awesome message! Yes, the world needs more people who act in a kind and respectful manner towards each other. Thanks for the reminder that everyone is dealing with something. We may not always be thinking of what someone else might be going through. Great thoughts for today! ☺️

    • Thank you Malinda for the kind words 😊

      The world definitely needs more people who act in this way. Always think before you act and think of what the other person may be going through before you start making assumptions. This is the best way to live!

  6. Take all the situations in our life lightly and tell yourself “I am cool and I can handle this”…. This is what I do in difficult situations….

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