4 Day Working Week

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How do you feel about a 4 day working week instead of 5?

Microsoft decided to have a 4 day working week in their Japan office just to see the effect of this on employees and productivity. It turned out to be a massive success with productivity boosting by 40%. 90% of employees had reported that they preferred the 4 day working week instead of 5. Their reason for their preference was based on the fact that they felt they had a greater work-life balance with a 4 day working week.

I would personally love a 4 day working week as I truly believe that productivity would increase. The employees would be much happier and the work-life balance would be greater. You have to remember that the electricity used would be far less. I feel that the environment in the workplace would be a lot more positive than what it is currently.

How would you feel about a 4 day working week? What would you be able to accomplish with that extra day?

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  1. Many employers have this option. I worked a 9 day fortnight for years, having the extra two days off a month was super. It can make for a long day though and some employees production wasn’t that high after a nine hour day. In the city it made for nearly 11.5 hour day with commuting but when I moved to a small town my commuting was only ten minutes by car, and 20 minutes by bicycle. Of course riding home always refreshed me also.

    • Oh really, I didn’t know that. I thought it was in the testing stage just to see if it would work.

      I bet the extra two days off were grand haha 😂😂

      Yeah I can understand that the days you are at work may be more hectic but with my job, I honestly feel like a 4 day week would work for both employees and the company

  2. All sides here, I do not mean to be discouraging Many stores,city streets and districts, rely on workers being present 5 days a week, and they need that extra day of income. examples: the coffee and donut carts, the restaurants, the stores. This could have a dire effect on these people. We all see how on the weekends, when all the offices are closed, that the streets become ghost-towns, and it is kind of a depressing atmosphere.

    • That is very true and I completely welcome all responses. I guess my post focused on more corporate companies but you are completely right in saying that corner shop stores would not benefit from a 4 day working week and it may actually be worse off for them

  3. ♤ This doesn’t make sense to me; how does a reduction from 5 to 4 Days Work lead to “an extra day” of “productivity” EveryOne, AnyOne 🤔 ?


    • In my situation, I still worked the same amount of hours per year, I had the option to work longer hours. I could choose to work longer hours, an hour or half hour each day so that i had either a full day off or a half day off every two weeks. I worked in an office and schedules had to prepared in advance for 3 month period to ensure enough coverage, obviously not everyone could have the same days off.

    • Well I guess that if you have 5 days of work, the energy of the employees are not quite there but in a 4 day working week, they are more likely to put in more effort and get more work done.

      • ♡ I AM Able to do “5 days of work” in 1 Day SupaSoulBro; maybe many others will understand the tasks given by bosses are mostly without point


  4. I would love it, I agree that productivity would/could increase. The motivation being that workers knew that their reward is an extra day off, I would definitely work harder on the 4 days to facilitate that idea. There is a lot of time wasting everyday so if employees just pulled their shirt sleeves up, so to speak and dived in, I feel it is entirely possible.

    • Yeahh this is what I was trying to get at. Employees spend a lot of time taking breaks and not doing the work or not putting their all in. With a 4 day working week, employees would know that there isn’t much time so they would ensure that they are productive all the tjme

  5. Yernasia, good point, some jobs need the 5 days of production; take construction, for example, a lot more things can be done in 5 days than in 4. And to make my first comment clearer ( it was poorly written and a typo) : when people go to work in a city, they spend money getting coffee, lunch, maybe do some shopping after work. This influx of people going to work in an office for 5 days keeps other little businesses alive as a by-product, which, in turn, provides income for the little businesses/ families to pay bills and put food on their table. Take one day away of income from a little mom and pop coffee shop or restaurant, and it can be devastating. Also, are employers still going to be paying workers for 5 days, if they only work 4 ? Great subject, Kamran ! Thanks !

    • I do like the points raised in this comment and I understand that for construction, 5 days is most definitely better than 4.

      I always encourage my readers to challenge the points raised in my blog posts. Thank you ☺

  6. I agree, a 4 day work week would increase productivity. Any time we have more time to enjoy home life, our work productivity increases. Like after returning from a vacation, we’ve been refreshed so we can achieve our goals more easily.

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