4 Day Working Week

4 Day Working Week Picture
How do you feel about a 4 day working week instead of 5?

Microsoft decided to have a 4 day working week in their Japan office just to see the effect of this on employees and productivity. It turned out to be a massive success with productivity boosting by 40%. 90% of employees had reported that they preferred the 4 day working week instead of 5. Their reason for their preference was based on the fact that they felt they had a greater work-life balance with a 4 day working week.

I would personally love a 4 day working week as I truly believe that productivity would increase. The employees would be much happier and the work-life balance would be greater. You have to remember that the electricity used would be far less. I feel that the environment in the workplace would be a lot more positive than what it is currently.

How would you feel about a 4 day working week? What would you be able to accomplish with that extra day?

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  1. Many employers have this option. I worked a 9 day fortnight for years, having the extra two days off a month was super. It can make for a long day though and some employees production wasn’t that high after a nine hour day. In the city it made for nearly 11.5 hour day with commuting but when I moved to a small town my commuting was only ten minutes by car, and 20 minutes by bicycle. Of course riding home always refreshed me also.

    • Oh really, I didn’t know that. I thought it was in the testing stage just to see if it would work.

      I bet the extra two days off were grand haha 😂😂

      Yeah I can understand that the days you are at work may be more hectic but with my job, I honestly feel like a 4 day week would work for both employees and the company

  2. All sides here, I do not mean to be discouraging Many stores,city streets and districts, rely on workers being present 5 days a week, and they need that extra day of income. examples: the coffee and donut carts, the restaurants, the stores. This could have a dire effect on these people. We all see how on the weekends, when all the offices are closed, that the streets become ghost-towns, and it is kind of a depressing atmosphere.

    • That is very true and I completely welcome all responses. I guess my post focused on more corporate companies but you are completely right in saying that corner shop stores would not benefit from a 4 day working week and it may actually be worse off for them

    • Yes empty streets are do slowly relaxation and gives minds take easy simple work, it gives more in future, but so true more intresting be with group’s. Sleeping are good way to be strong and healthy. 4 days good for me. Sank you

  3. ♤ This doesn’t make sense to me; how does a reduction from 5 to 4 Days Work lead to “an extra day” of “productivity” EveryOne, AnyOne 🤔 ?


    • In my situation, I still worked the same amount of hours per year, I had the option to work longer hours. I could choose to work longer hours, an hour or half hour each day so that i had either a full day off or a half day off every two weeks. I worked in an office and schedules had to prepared in advance for 3 month period to ensure enough coverage, obviously not everyone could have the same days off.

    • Well I guess that if you have 5 days of work, the energy of the employees are not quite there but in a 4 day working week, they are more likely to put in more effort and get more work done.

      • ♡ I AM Able to do “5 days of work” in 1 Day SupaSoulBro; maybe many others will understand the tasks given by bosses are mostly without point


  4. I would love it, I agree that productivity would/could increase. The motivation being that workers knew that their reward is an extra day off, I would definitely work harder on the 4 days to facilitate that idea. There is a lot of time wasting everyday so if employees just pulled their shirt sleeves up, so to speak and dived in, I feel it is entirely possible.

    • Yeahh this is what I was trying to get at. Employees spend a lot of time taking breaks and not doing the work or not putting their all in. With a 4 day working week, employees would know that there isn’t much time so they would ensure that they are productive all the tjme

  5. Yernasia, good point, some jobs need the 5 days of production; take construction, for example, a lot more things can be done in 5 days than in 4. And to make my first comment clearer ( it was poorly written and a typo) : when people go to work in a city, they spend money getting coffee, lunch, maybe do some shopping after work. This influx of people going to work in an office for 5 days keeps other little businesses alive as a by-product, which, in turn, provides income for the little businesses/ families to pay bills and put food on their table. Take one day away of income from a little mom and pop coffee shop or restaurant, and it can be devastating. Also, are employers still going to be paying workers for 5 days, if they only work 4 ? Great subject, Kamran ! Thanks !

    • I do like the points raised in this comment and I understand that for construction, 5 days is most definitely better than 4.

      I always encourage my readers to challenge the points raised in my blog posts. Thank you ☺

  6. I agree, a 4 day work week would increase productivity. Any time we have more time to enjoy home life, our work productivity increases. Like after returning from a vacation, we’ve been refreshed so we can achieve our goals more easily.

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