Why Do You Write?

What makes you write? What are you trying to achieve when you write?
What makes you write? What are you trying to achieve when you write?

When you write, what is your drive behind doing this? I would like to know why you write for the people.

For me, I write to inspire people and to help people fulfill their potential. If one person reaches success because of something I wrote, that would make me happy. I also write as a form of escape from the real world. When I write, none of the worldly issues concern me and all my focus and attention are on the content.

Let me know in the comments below why you write as I am very intrigued. Tell me what it was which had started your journey as a content creator.

I would like to thank you for coming across my blog!

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  1. Your words do truly inspire. I write because inside me there is this need bubbling up to give a voice to those who no longer can speak about their experience/their loss in th atomic bombings of 1945. I first wrote to show my mom that yes her voice did matter,that nuclear weapons should never be used again. I now hope that my readers will realize that their voice matters as well.

    • Thank you soo much Kathleen, that honestly means a lot to me 🙏

      That is a very good reason to write and I hope you have the motivation to continue writing for as long as you possibly can.

  2. ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇

    ◇ Why NOT!!! Write EveryOne; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that Reap Today and Train Tomorrow…so Jump in The Deep End and find You CAN!!! Swim, Jump off The Cliff and find the NET!!! Appears

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    • Haha very true, writing is such a good form of escape for myself personally.

      Some people don’t write because I guess they’re too busy but you can always find a way to fit it in so not sure why others don’t write.

    • Thank you soo much Francis, your words mean a lot 🤗

      Is there anything you would like me to write about specifically which maybe you had a query on?

  3. We share the same goals almost. I too love inspiring people a lot through my words. There are lot of people out there who are hopeless about their future, some are victims of mental disorders and depression. I feel a boast of motivation and way to channelize their thoughts and behaviors through self – Growth will work wonders. Though my blog is lifestyle blog. I find myself more inclined towards motivating people through self growth. Well that’s my reason to write. Thx for allowing us to express. Good luck. Keep motivating as you do.

    • Yeahh we are very similar in our goals. It is inspiring to talk to people like yourself.

      I genuinely hope you keep doing what you’re doing, you’re doing a great job mate

  4. I see a lot of darkness in my profession. I am a psychotherapist and my wife is a divorce attorney. We both have successful businesses, but we work with people that have primarily lost hope, faith in there capacity to overcome difficult situations. I write to provide hope to those who may have lost it in the difficulties they face. If I spark one seed of hope in another, inspire one person to have a better day, or reclaim faith in their capacity to overcome barriers that stand in there way, I am grateful for that honor. I want to truly thank you for this article. It made me think at a deep level.

    • I truly admire you for being able to write with the purpose of helping other people, keep going strong 💪

      You’re very welcome, I’m glad the post resonated with you

  5. Love your cause for writing! I would like to write some experiences from life, cooking, thoughts and poems if that will encourage anyone it would be great for me! Thank you Kamran! 😊

  6. Yeah.i write to spread the love in all humans because they all are child of God.God like the love because it brings peaceful situation among the humans.

  7. Thank you for this post Kamran. Once again you’ve managed to inspire me by asking a question I’ve never even thought of before. As far back as I can remember I’ve always loved books. When I was a young girl my bedroom was up in the attic, and I used to carry stacks of books downstairs to read in my child size rocking chair. It was always a chore lugging them all back upstairs again, but well worth the effort. My mind has always raced with thoughts and questions, and a desire for finding the truth. I’ve always been compelled to write down my findings. Most of my words never make it into a formal piece of writing. Recently, I’ve gone through some very difficult circumstances which have compelled me to write publicly. My prayer is that my words might be able to help even just one person. God has done so much for me, and I can not imagine my life with out Him. He has saved my life, and forgiven me of so much. He has given me hope. He found me and filled me with His love, joy and peace, and I want to share the truth of His goodness with others. Thank you for your wonderful thought provoking post Kamran. May God richly bless you today😊

    • You’re welcome Malinda, I always like to inspire my readers through my posts and I’m glad this post offered value to you.

      I love that story! It’s good that you loved reading from a young age, I wish I was the same but I was more into Mathematics myself.

      Thank you for the kind words and I hope you have a great day 👍

  8. I write blogs. to forget life and to educate and inspire others to travel. after 28 years of academic writing a s a teacher, now I can express what I like and to whom I like in retirement. I also like the vocabulary aspect of writing.

  9. I write because I feel like I would die (emotionally) if I can’t. Where else would I put my ideas or the noise and stories in my head? Writing has also helped me from a very young age to deal with my emotions and give them a voice instead of bottling up. I love this post, thank you

  10. I write to vent. To let out, what otherwise would be left unsaid and later keeps accumulating over the years until you are left with nothing but the last resort. However, most of the times that is not your best decision of your life and i suck at taking decisions so i write to vent and i write to prevent myself from taking decisions. Hi.

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