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This is your chance to promote yourself!

I write to inspire others and if one person becomes inspired by one of my blog posts, then I will consider this a success and I will be thrilled. I know a lot of people also want to make a living off writing and are trying to make writing one of their primary sources of income.

I always want to help people out and to ensure that everyone becomes successful in whatever they put their mind to. If you look at my previous posts, you will see that in all of them, you can see a sentence or paragraphs of me helping other people. This post is no different. I would like every single one of you reading this blog post to promote yourself by commenting your social media and/or anything else to help promote your brand.

I would also like everyone to like each other’s comments and to follow each other on social media and to like and retweet and share their posts. Let’s not just have WordPress as the only platform where us writers help each other out. Let’s also help each other out on social media platforms!

I would like to thank you for coming across my blog!

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  1. Thank you so much for all your encouragement and inspiration you give from your heart through your blog. <3 And thank you for this opportunity to introduce ourselves. I'm a Japanese American author and daughter of a Hiroshima survivor. My novel is based on events in my mom's life in Hiroshima at age of 12 and seeing the atomic bombing through her eyes. There is also messages of hope in it as well. I wanted my mom to know that her voice mattered because for a very long time she didn't believe that. So in my writing I hope my readers(many are middle school or high school will not only realize that nuclear weapons should never be used again, but that their voice matters as well. I was blessed to be able to give this message at the United Nations in NYC on November 5th! <3 My blog is and instagram is @kathleenburkinshaw I look forward to meeting more of your readers this way!

  2. So here I go again trying to encourage you smart people to read my blog, which happens to be a little bit of inspirational poetry, motivation, and yet I still find a way to put true life poetry and of course my Saturday Seinfeld. Please check it out. Thanks.

    • Thank you Sara for shouting out your platforms.

      I have followed you on Twitter, my handle is @Kamih786

      I love your goal and I hope you reach it if you haven’t done so already

  3. This is a great idea!

    Hi, I’m Maha and my blog is called Beyoutiful because I’m a woman who believes that beauty lies in being the best possible version of yourself. I’m a lifestyle blogger who blogs about travel, beauty, photography, poetry, fashion, etc. I’ve been blogging for 3 years now and just love it. I’ve met such beautiful souls and became good friends. Would love to connect with other fellow bloggers on here and get to know you more 🙂

    My IG is

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