How To Write Engaging Blog Posts

How To Write Engaging Blog Posts Picture
This post is to help you guys to write captivating blog posts!

Make Your Title Stand Out

To draw the readers in, always ensure that your title stands out and when your readers come across your title, it makes them want to click on the link to then view the content within. You can have the most amazing content but the title may let you down so the readers you wish to draw in will just scroll past your blog post because the title wasn’t as captivating as it should be. When it comes to writing a title, before you publish your blog post, just read the title and think if you were to read the title, would you want to click on the link?

Pictures Always Help

I always like to have a featured image for every single one of my blog posts. This is another feature I take advantage of to help draw the readers in. They are really good also for SEO ranking as Google will be able to associate that particular image to the blog post. We have different types of readers and pictures may tell the story better than words do.

Use Paragraphs

Always break your points down into paragraphs. For some of my posts, I have utilised headings like this blog post. With most of my blog posts, I break down each point in separate paragraphs. It is commonly known that if we are presented with chunks of writing, we are less likely to read the whole paragraph. So always break down your content into readable sizes.

Think About The Frequency In Which You Write

Have a plan as to the frequency in which you want to write. Also, make your readers aware of your blogging schedule so they know when to hear from you. My blogging schedule is currently Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You can also subscribe to my blog and allow notifications to receive my blog posts immediately. If you are consistent, then the readers will be loyal and your following will grow.

Please do let me know if the above information has helped you and if there is anything else you feel should be included to make blog posts more captivating. Also let me know if there is anything I need to do which I may not be doing currently. I always welcome criticism and space to grow for my blog.

I would like to thank you for coming across my blog!

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    • I think having a consistent focus is better so your readers know what they can expect and you don’t stretch yourself but it is always good to show versatility.

    • I think I’m on the right track. I’m not entirely sure how I’m doing with my blog titles, but that one’s tricky. Yes, I would definitely click on my posts based on my titles, but that’s because I choose titles that I like. How do I know if others will be enticed by my preferences? My Mentor once gave me the advice that we write for the readers, not ourselves (which I absolutely agree with), but I do wonder at times whether what I write is interesting to the reader or not.

      That being said, I’m trying to give people the feedback that I’d want. I do enjoy your posts. They always make me think, and that’s something I do appreciate. I’m technically on a blogging break this month, but I came across your post on Facebook and had to take a peak. I guess you had a great title! 😀 Greater post K!

      • I think your blog titles are engaging Tina, they do draw me in. But I do understand the struggle at times. I always check before I publish with a friend and I’ve had to amend my blog titles at times. It’s all a learning process.

        Haha love that, thank you so much and I hope your break this month leaves you feeling refreshed. Have a great month 👍😊

  1. All of your points are effective ones. I especially encourage writers to limit paragraph lengths am to about four sentences. Your reader will feel more willing to read on to the next paragraph.

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      My slogan is “School For Life”

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