How To Reduce Stress And Anxiety Before An Exam

If you can reduce your levels of stress before an exam, the better prepared you will be and the better you will perform in the exam.
If you can reduce your levels of stress before an exam, the better prepared you will be and the better you will perform in the exam.

1. Ensure that you sleep the correct amount

When exams come around, it is very easy to neglect sleep and to focus on revision. But do not underestimate the power of sleep. Staying up all night to do revision will prove to be your downfall as you will not be able to perform to the best of your ability in the exam. Sleep is also proven to reduce stress and will ensure that you are focused for the exam.

2. Be confident in your preparation

Confidence is key when it comes to exams. If you doubt yourself when preparing for an exam, then this is a recipe for disaster. If you have done everything you can to prepare for the exam, then take confidence from this. Know that you have done all you can and you should enter the exam hall feeling good about yourself.

3. Take regular breaks from revision

A fundamental mistake which a lot of students make is that they cram their revision into all aspects of life. Allocate time away from your revision and ensure that you take days off not thinking about your exams. Thinking about your exams 24/7 will be detrimental to your health and will not help in any way when it comes to your performance in your upcoming exams.

4. Understand that exams do not define you

Yes, exams are important for your future. However, do not be consumed by thinking that if you mess up an exam, your life is worthless and your future has taken a turn for the worse. You will realise later on in life that there are so many other things which are important. If you have this mentality that you can succeed in life despite failing an exam, you will find inner peace and will find success.

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  1. Okay, I’m not in school (except for the school of life) nor am I taking any exams, but a lot of this can be applied to life in general: Get your sleep, stay on top of important matters, remember that you need some down time or recreational activities, too, and don’t let failures define you. My big problem is balancing all of this. To be fair, I do have unpredictable health issues to contend with, so I’m probably way too hard on myself, but I’d rather be a little too hard on myself than too soft. If I could achieve that balance, though, that would be amazing. Great post, Kam! Everyone can use tips on stress reduction. ☺

    • This post can definitely be applied to life – 100%.

      Balance is the key to internal peace and happiness. I also struggle with this but every day I try to make myself a better person than the person I was yesterday.

      I wish you nothing but success 💯👍

  2. Hi Kamran, I find myself getting sleepy when reading for awhile. So, if your readers are like me, then getting up from a study cram session to do a few V-sits can give you the energy you need to continue studying. A little exercise can go a long way! So set a timer for 30 minutes and you’re good to go. Good luck with your studies!

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