Being Unsuccessful Is A Blessing

Being Unsuccessful Is A Blessing
Remember that in order to be successful, you have to be willing to be unsuccessful!

Success is not something you can grab right away. It is a very hard and a journey which will be filled with failure and rejections. These failures in your life will allow you to grow as an individual and you will be able to learn from these lessons. Remember that you should not dwell on the past but rather focus on the future. A quote I love is Never be a prisoner of your past. It was just a lesson, not a life sentence.”

Famous celebrities and the people you look up to will all have gone through unsuccessful times in their lives. There will have been periods where they were feeling low and they were at the bottom. Now they may be at the top but I can guarantee that it was those times at the bottom where they truly grew as an individual.

If you do not embrace failure, then this will lead you to a dark pit of anxiety and stress. You will try and avoid failure at any costs. This will lead to you not taking risks. If you ask any successful individual, you need to take risks in life to become successful. You need to grow outside of your comfort zone.

I would like to dedicate this post to Kobe Bryant who unfortunately passed away yesterday in a helicopter crash. This post is also dedicated to everyone who lost their lives in that crash as all lives matter and we should respect all individuals regardless of how famous they were. Kobe was very inspirational and I have recently found out that he helped a lot of people grow as individuals. The more I hear of him, the more I understand how legendary he was on and off the court.

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  1. Exactly,it is failure that enables a person to find other substitutes or other ways of success. Sometimes a successful life seems to be dull and boring and that can be a beacon of hope for a person .Thanks a lot.👍

    • Thank you Haroon for the nomination. I do like my blog to be filled with learning for my readers so I shall not do a post on this but I am very very grateful that you have nominated me 🙂

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