Know Who Your Real Friends Are

Choose your friends wisely!
Choose your friends wisely!

Friends will come and go. The real friends will stay in your life and they will genuinely care about you and support you in all your endeavours. It can sometimes be difficult to distinguish between your real friends and your fake friends but you will get a vibe from each person you associate yourself with.

Real friends will always have your back and will always have your best interests at heart. Notice how I didn’t say that real friends are always on your side. For me personally, a real friend is someone who tells me when I am in the wrong. The last thing I would want in a friend is someone who takes my side even when I am in the wrong. It is down to this that people tend to go down the wrong path in life.

A real friend will also help you in your time of need. They will be there for you and will encourage you to do anything you put your mind to. When you ask them for help, they will be there and will show their support every step of the way. They will also make time and go out of their way to help you.

Friends are crucial with your daily habits and how you behave around people. If you surround yourself with negative people, you will naturally pick up the habits of your friends. Surround yourself with those people who have good habits and who treat others with respect.

What qualities would you want in a friend? Let me know in the comments section below.

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  2. You pretty much covered everything I want in a friend. However, friendships can definitely encounter some problems and even require a time of separation when it becomes a negative influence. You can rekindle a true friendship though. I’ve had this happen with one of my friends, and we’re just as close as we were before the temporary seperation. People can take wrong turns, but right themselves again.

    • Oh yeah I completely agree. Friends can be a tricky situation and sometimes time apart is what is needed. The best of friends are those where you can go a long time not speaking to them and when you do speak, it is like nothing has changed.

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