Rest and Recovery

Rest And Recovery
We do have to work hard in order to accomplish our goals but remember to rest so that you can are giving 100% each and every time

Yes, you have to do work to see results but don’t tire yourself out. If you feel like you’re tired and work is getting too much, then take a day or two off and just do whatever it is you do that alleviates stress. Go out with your friends to eat, watch a movie etc. Do anything to take your mind off school, exams or even your goals in life. I know the feeling of fatigue and that revision can make you stressed. Believe me, I’ve been there. I once took like 2-3 weeks rest just to get myself away from all the work and stress. Like I said before, rest and recovery are crucial in you passing exams because you need to have days where you don’t do any work just to take away all the stress. So, if you’re feeling under pressure that you need to do work at a certain time, then don’t. Just rest and get your brain back to optimal levels. This practice also works for when you are out there trying to accomplish your goals. Of course there are going to be days where you go all out and you will try to be as productive as possible. However, this can lead you to deplete all your energy. Ensure that you can do your work at a high level consistently.

You should always get a good night’s rest so that you are feeling fresh for the following day. The worst thing that can happen is you don’t get enough sleep and you feel the effect of this throughout the following day. This groggy feeling is due to the lack of sleep. Always ensure to get the right number of hours of sleep to charge yourself for the upcoming day.

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