Meeting Deadlines

Meeting deadlines is something which you will definitely need to do at some point in your life. This post is aimed to help you hone in on this skill.
Meeting deadlines is something which you will definitely need to do at some point in your life. This post is aimed to help you hone in on this skill.

Deadlines is a word which haunts everybody. It has negative connotations as it adds extra pressure for you to complete a task in a specified period of time. Life comes to a halt just so you can hand in that dissertation on time or you drop everything to complete your homework so that it is ready to hand in the next day. Whatever the case may be, deadlines are daunting which is why you should do the following things to stay on top of them.

Keep a list of all your deadlines

One thing you should definitely be doing is tracking all your deadlines. This could be in the form of a diary or even of a simple book which you use to make notes in. There are even some apps out there which will allow you to create a to do list. Whatever the method, the most efficient way to stay on top of your deadlines is to keep a track of them.

Break down what needs to be done

The deadline is going to be linked to a task that needs to be completed. So in order for you to meet your deadlines efficiently, you need to know how much time you wish to allocate to complete the task. This may sound difficult at first but try and break down the task into daily chunks. So think to yourself how many hours you are going to spend per day and this will help you meet your deadlines more efficiently.

Stop procrastinating

This may sound like an obvious step to meet your deadlines effectively but it is so easy to just say to yourself that you will start tomorrow. Have the mindset that there is no tomorrow and you need to get the work done today. Procrastination, no matter how small, will definitely stop you from meeting your deadlines. Be productive and consistent and you will crush your deadlines.


If you have multiple deadlines, have a prioritisation system so that you know which task you are going to complete first. Make a note of when the deadlines are and this should help you in allocating time for each task. If the work you are trying to complete is marked, then think about how much they contribute to your overall grade. This is another aspect you want to think about when prioritising your deadlines.

If there are any other tips and tricks you have for meeting deadlines, please share in the comments below.

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