Act With Integrity

Act With Integrity
Always do the right thing in life and let your character shine through!

For me personally, integrity is an important trait for a person to have. A person who has strong moral principles and who sticks by their words is a person who has my utmost respect. This is what I will be touching on in this post.

Always do the right thing whether you are under the eyes of other people or not. It shouldn’t matter what the situation is or how many people are watching you. This should not be your motivation to do the right thing. Your motivation should stem from the fact that you would like to help other people.

If you see someone who is struggling with their shopping, then offer a helping hand. Offer to open the door for people. Show manners when out in public. Be a figure with a good reputation. We always talk about role models and when we instantly say the term “role models”, people always look to celebrities. However, role models can be found in every facet of life and there are many role models in every community. You can be that role model for someone if you act in a kind and friendly manner.

If you see something that is wrong and it is being widely accepted, then don’t be afraid to pull people on it. Remember to not be pulled in by peer pressure and to always do the right thing, no matter what the circumstances may be.

This post can be applied to every walk of life. This is not just for when you are out and about and interacting with strangers. It also stems to how you conduct yourself at home. Doing the right thing definitely applies to when you are in education and when you are at work. Have the mentality of doing the right thing and it shall take you very far in life!

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  1. ♡ …and always remember that We ALL Have Different Perceptions; just because YOU!!! have a Different View Point doesn’t mean I AM WRONG!!! so Agree-To-DisAgree is a Powerful “Moral” Place To Be


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