Make Gratitude A Habit

Make Gratitude A Habit
Be grateful for what you have in life!

Always strive to be in a state of mind where you feel gratitude for what you have in life. There are many people who compare their lives to people who are in better positions than them and this makes them depressed and have moments in their life where they think about what they don’t have.

Always think about what you do have rather than what you don’t have. This will allow you to feel thankful for what God has given you in life and will mean that you are happy regardless of how much money you have or how high of a reputation you have. These are materialistic things and we should all strive to focus on being happy rather than trying to please everybody else.

When something good happens in your life, remember it and most importantly, remember the details. Make sure you think back on the obstacles that were stopping you from achieving that goal and you still reached it. As humans, we tend to think about our flaws and the bad situations in our lives rather than our accomplishments and what amazing things we have done.

Everyone has a place or does something which they enjoy and they take comfort in. Whenever you feel low, have the willpower to go to that place or to go do that one thing which makes you happy. Maybe it’s a certain type of food which cheers you up. Whatever it is, go get it and this will definitely help.

Spend time with loved ones and appreciate your support network. No matter how big or small it may be, we all have a support network which we can just go to even in the worst of times.

Be grateful for the little things in life. A lot of people wait for a big moment to happen and they post it everywhere on social media and the next thing you know, they’re back to feeling low again. If you feel thankful for the little things in your day to day life, then how can you feel low? Yesterday, on my way back home from work, I was on the bus and I saw a wheelchair user come on. That alone made me feel grateful of the fact that I can walk.

A lot of people have restrictions in life and they still are grateful for what they’re blessed with. So you should be too! Always be grateful and thankful and thank God always for the position you are in.

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  1. Such a good reminder. It sounds so simple but you’re right, it can completely change your life for the better just by staying thankful! Wonderful post!

  2. When I finally bought my home at 54 years old I finally had a home it wasn’t much but it was a white Victorian with a large porch in front and right away I put the hanging baskets of flowers all over the whole porch and then I put the hydrangea flowers in front I encased them in wrought iron and people started coming by and taking pictures , people started driving by and saying to me how beautiful they were , I became very proud I started to tell them know they’re not mine I just take care of them for God . I became very grateful of what I had in the yard I had a beautiful ussywillow tree , I found out it was only supposed to be 8 foot it’s 28 feet high and the Cardinals, Blue Jays, Ravens coming to that tree the little squirrels underneath also kitties, groundhogs at night I’ve put the fences up it became My Sanctuary the bird sanctuary and the Animals sanctuary beautiful rose of Sharon trees in the yard bushes all colors rose trees lilac trees honeysuckle little bushes that smells so good . When I first came here it was winter everything looked dead but the pussywillows on the tree where gorgeous they were as big as my cat’s paw and my cat is gray. I made it a practice every night around midnight to bundle up go in the yard and touch everything even the things that look like they were dead, I was so grateful to finally have a home My Sanctuary..😸🐿🐾

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