Keep The Ball Rolling!

Keep The Ball Rolling
Consistency is the key to success!

Momentum is such a huge contributor to success. People talk about how hard it is to begin something but to keep it going for long periods of time is very difficult indeed. With the process comes struggle, fatigue, setbacks, obstacles and so much more. But you have to keep pushing on – to rally through even when you’re tired.

There are going to be moments in your life where you feel shattered and you just want to take some time off and relax. This is good because you need rest and recovery to get back to your best self. However, make sure that the momentum is still swinging in your favour. Ensure that you are riding the wave even if the tide is against you!

To keep this momentum going, you need to have the vision and the drive. The vision so that you can successfully look to long-term goals instead of short-term lusts. You need the drive because this is what is going to push you each and every day to get to where you want to be.

Do not be disheartened when you do not see results in the short term. Remember that if you put in the work day in day out, then the results will follow. This can be applied to any aspect of life whether that is gym or a specific diet you are trying out. Whatever it is, put in the work each day and results will follow.

I shall end this post with a simple analogy but it speaks so many volumes. If you were on a car journey and you got a flat tyre, would you end the journey or would you replace it with a spare tyre to reach your destination? 



  1. La vida definitivamente es una escuela y la hazaña es vivirla al máximo a pesar de los tropiezos, llegar a la cima por el buen sendero y no esperar lo anhelado siempre te sorprenderá algo mejor. Gracias querido amigo por la reflexión. Saludos!!

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  3. I admire you for your interesting reflections. Motivation is the driving force behind human action. Without it, life is neither interesting nor enjoyable.
    best regards

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