Trust Your Hard Work

Hard work is unlocking doors you can't see yet!
Hard work is unlocking doors you can’t see yet!

Hard work is the foundation in which success is built upon. You cannot become successful in anything you do without working towards it day in day out. On the path to being who you want to be, there will be times where you will have questions. Is this worth it? Am I really getting anywhere with this? Know that these questions are perfectly normal and you are not alone in this thought process.

You must understand that becoming successful in whatever field is going to take time. Keep chipping away and putting in the hours and results will come, I promise you. Don’t put a deadline on it otherwise it will only discourage you. The best things in life take a while so be patient. Results won’t be apparent to you right away but if you persevere and consistently work each day, then you will become closer to your long-term goals.

If you doubt yourself at any point in the process, then replace this train of thought with a positive message for yourself. Think about how far you’ve come already. Think back to when you started and take a look at yourself now. Look at the difference! Be grateful for this anytime a negative thought comes into your head.

Breaks are definitely needed to make sure that you are being 100% efficient at all times. The recovery process is just as important as the working process so remember to rest and recover when you see performance is not what you expect it to be. Trust the hard work you are doing as it is unlocking doors that are invisible to you at this moment in time!

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  1. ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇

    ◇ My Experience is Work Smarter NOT!!! “Harder” EveryOne; less Stress and More “Success”

    ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇


  2. True enough! Hard work really pays in due time. Thank you for this great and inspiring post! By the way, I have nominated you for ‘Vincent Ehindero’ Blogger Award. I know you really deserve this award. Hope you will accept it.

    • Thank you for the nomination, I really appreciate it 🙌 I won’t be able to make a post on it, I’m afraid as I do like to keep my blog focused on helping others 😊😊

  3. Thanks for sharing. Very interesting!
    What has helped me is the Psalmist words when it says
    “Do not put your trust in nobles, nor in the son of earthling man, to whom no salvation belongs,” (Psalm 146:3)
    This inspired statement helps us to acknowledge that many humans do not deserve our confidence. Even those who are held in high esteem as the “nobles” of this world, such as experts in specialized fields of knowledge or activity, do not automatically deserve our trust.

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