There Is No Timeline For Success

There are no restrictions on success. You don’t have to become successful at a certain age. Time is just a man-made construct which we are forced to conform to. So what if you retake a year in school and are one year older than everyone else on your course in university? What does it matter if everyone your age has a car and you don’t? Does this mean you’re not going to take driving lessons to get a car of your own? No! The same principle applies to success. No matter where you are in your life, take steps each and every day to become successful.

When we think of timelines, we think of it being in chronological order right? Well, life doesn’t work that way. There is no order to become successful and if you think there is, then you are already behind. There will be lows and highs on your journey no matter which field you are in.

To really hone in the concept that age plays no part in success, take a look at the below individuals who all became successful at a later stage in their lives.

NameAge when they first became successfulTheir Claim To Fame
Stan Lee39Created his first comic (The Fantastic Four) which became successful almost instantly
Samuel L. Jackson43Landed a role in “Jungle Fever” which was award-winning
Morgan Freeman50Got his first major role in “Street Smart”
Steve Carrell43“The Office” was Steve’s first big break at the age of 43

Take inspiration from the above people and I am sure there are many more who fit in this category of late bloomers. It is never too late to pursue your dreams and to really go for what you enjoy doing. Remember that this may change from time to time. What you like doing now may not be what you liked a few years ago. That’s okay! Go with the flow and take actions to pursue your current passions at all times.

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  1. Morgan Freeman is one my fav actors…… Yaa u r right the age is doesn’t matter our hardwork will become success one day…….. Well said bro……😻👌👌👌

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