How To Overcome Your Negative Thoughts

Replace the negative thoughts in your mind with positive affirmations
Replace the negative thoughts in your mind with positive affirmations

Everyone has that small voice in their head telling them something; this can either lead to positive thoughts or negative thoughts. Whether it is good or bad, that voice is always there and it is responsible for why people become successful in life or why people fall into depression. You must learn to take control of that voice and use it to your advantage. Otherwise, you will have a negative outlook on the world and will lose touch with reality.

You are going to have moments where you feel like giving up. Moments where you have hit a wall and everything has come to a standstill. Nothing you are doing is working out and you are just so tired. This is the point where you need to pick yourself up and keep pushing on. Sure, everyone can do it when they are feeling good but can you do it when you are at your lowest? Can you keep grinding and putting in the work when you are not feeling as good as your usual self? That shift in mentality could be the difference between success and failure.

How do I overcome my negative thoughts?

  • To be able to live life freely without negative thoughts entering your mind is a myth however the first step to having a more positive outlook on life is to first identify and challenge all negative thoughts.
  • Instead of thinking about everything wrong in your life in the present, look to your past achievements. Think about everything you have done and remember moments where you felt anxious and stressed and how you got past these stages in your life.
  • Negative thoughts come out when you are in a difficult situation and it leaves you confused. The way to overcome this is to first identify the situation. What is it which I can’t quite get the hang of? What is annoying me right now? Then, create an action plan to resolve the task and execute it!
  • When you are alone and left with your thoughts, this could be dangerous. Always have a plan as to what it is you are going to do. If you need to revise, then plan out your revision schedule so you are on top of it. Remember to take breaks so you are not burning yourself out.

I haven’t added it to the list above but practicing gratitude is definitely a sure-fire way to overcome stress, anxiety and any negativity in your life in general. If you are grateful for what you have in life, then how can you feel down? Remember to be grateful for everything you have been given.

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  1. ♤ Like a battery with “positive” and “positive” polarities “positive” people don’t work and become “negative” ALL Resentful; it takes “negative” to make a battery work EveryOne; don’t be fooled, duality is ALL about How We Manage Our “Negativity” and NOT!!! Trying to Futilely Eliminate “Negativity”



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  2. Lovely post! I find that I have to react with positive activity if I’m feeling blue. Physical exercise of some description seems to work within minutes of hitting the outside fresh air (well, as fresh as Manhattan air can be!). Lovely post and great to get new ideas to work on! Best wishes. Katie

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