Begin Your Journey!

You will never become successful if you don’t start your journey!

The beginning of the journey is always the hardest part in any walk of life. Once you start to get going, then your life becomes more structured and you will find yourself following a daily routine. In this post, I shall touch upon the ways to get started on any project so that your daily routine becomes a lot more regimented and follows an order rather than it being chaotic.

Ensure that you have a passion for your project

I would say the number one thing you need to have before starting anything is a passion for what it is you’re about to do. If you are passionate about the project you wish to embark on, then you will do what needs to be done to see it through to the end. Hurdles and obstacles which come your way will not be able to stop you because you have a desire and hunger to reach huge levels of success.

Break down the project in sections

Do not think about the project in its entirety. This is something a lot of people do and they get scared at the prospect of failing. Instead, break it down bit by bit. That way, you can have easily attainable goals to check off as you are embarking on your journey. Take a look at this blog for example. I didn’t start this blog thinking about reaching millions of people within the first few days or even months. That would be ridiculous! My first goal when starting the blog was to get a live website up and running so it can be viewed by others. I then looked at building the logo and how I wanted the website to look in the eyes of the audience. When I started getting consistent traffic, I then wanted to reach 100 views in one day. I am now at the point, alhamdulilah, where I have blog posts which are at the top page of Google and my posts are reaching out to people in many different countries.

Focus on the project and stop procrastinating

When looking to begin a new project, it is very easy to be distracted and to procrastinate. Especially in lockdown, you are more likely going to be spending time watching TV shows and being on your phone a whole lot more. Take the time you have to become a better individual and your future self will thank you for it.

Jump into the project and enjoy the journey

Take that leap of faith! If you are planning everything out, you won’t get anywhere so just attack the project and you will find yourself getting past the starting roadblocks. On the journey, you will figure out what needs to be done to progress so my number one tip would be to just go for it.

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