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Category: Distraction

Begin Your Journey!

The beginning of the journey is always the hardest part in any walk of life. Once you start to get going, then your life becomes more structured and you will… Read more Begin Your Journey!

Being nervous in an exam is perfectly natural but if you can hold back these nerves so that it does not affect your performance, then you will reach your full potential.

How To Stop Being Nervous In An Exam

Everyone gets nervous in exams and leading up to the exams, let’s be honest. Whoever says that they don’t get nervous before an exam are either lying or robot overlords… Read more How To Stop Being Nervous In An Exam

The Effect Of Social Media

I know a lot of students nowadays live off social media (me included!) but make sure that it doesn’t take over your life. I am on social media but I… Read more The Effect Of Social Media

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