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The daily actions you do will play a massive part in your future and will ultimately decide the life you live.

Your Habits Decide Your Future!

You may think achieving your dreams and your daily habits don’t go hand in hand. I mean, what does watching Money Heist on Netflix got to do with wanting to… Read more Your Habits Decide Your Future!

Keep your motivation in check when it comes to revision and you will go on to do great things!

Motivation To Revise

With schools and universities now re-opening, I thought it would be beneficial to write a post on the topic which everyone dreads which is revision. Make sure to not procrastinate… Read more Motivation To Revise

Everyone experiences failure but does failure affect us negatively or positively?

Is Failure A Good Thing?

Failure will always appear in life and some will say that failure is needed to become successful. I agree with this standpoint because I think that if you were successful… Read more Is Failure A Good Thing?

Whether you got good grades or bad grades, keep your head high!

GCSE Results Day

Today will have been GCSE results day and so I just wanted to write a post on it. If you received good results, then congratulations! All the hard work paid… Read more GCSE Results Day

There are patterns all around us and if we can identify these patterns especially in our day to day lives, the quality of life will improve drastically

Identify Patterns

Identifying patterns in life is a very good skill to have. You may be wondering, “How is knowing what the next pattern in a sequence going to help me in… Read more Identify Patterns

Is gaming a good thing or a bad thing for your education?

The Effect Of Gaming On Education

Gaming is a hobby which many individuals love to do, including myself. However, there are many proven studies which say that gaming can have a negative effect on the way… Read more The Effect Of Gaming On Education

Do students learn better when games are involved?

Game-Based Learning

Learning through games is a new strategy teachers implement to help make lessons more enjoyable. But the underlying question remains; how effective are game-based activities? I do believe that a… Read more Game-Based Learning

Being nervous in an exam is perfectly natural but if you can hold back these nerves so that it does not affect your performance, then you will reach your full potential.

How To Stop Being Nervous In An Exam

Everyone gets nervous in exams and leading up to the exams, let’s be honest. Whoever says that they don’t get nervous before an exam are either lying or robot overlords… Read more How To Stop Being Nervous In An Exam

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