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Category: Grateful

The process is where you will find the joy and where you can expect to see the most growth in your character.

Embrace The Process

Why Should I Embrace The Process? When you hear people talk of their past successes, they will always tell you the outcome. However, unless asked explicitly, they never reveal the… Read more Embrace The Process

You should always strive to be happy!

Follow Your Passion In Life

The first thing I want to say on this post is to never settle. If you hate what you do, then you should think about changing your current situation. We… Read more Follow Your Passion In Life

When you get are rejected or you fail in life, pick yourself up and know that there are plenty of opportunities out there!

Abundance Mindset

We will all get rejected or fail at some point in our lives. This rejection or failure should not be what defines us. What defines us is how we rise… Read more Abundance Mindset

When you find your purpose in life, then life will be a lot better for you!

Find Meaning and Purpose In Life

A lot of people put emphasis on happiness and believe this will make life better. Now, this statement is true, to an extent. Happiness is a state which can change… Read more Find Meaning and Purpose In Life



This is a milestone which I never thought I would reach when starting out. To have 1000 people follow my blog and to keep up to date with the posts… Read more 1000 Followers

Thank you for all the support!


I cannot believe that I have reached this milestone – 800 followers! When I see the number of followers I have every day, I just can truly say that I… Read more 800 Followers!

I would like to thank everyone who has contributed and has shown love on any of my blog posts!

100 Blog Posts

Before I say anything, I would like to give a huge shout out to Joshua for reminding me that I have reached 100 blog posts. Please follow his blog and… Read more 100 Blog Posts

This is the second time I have been nominated for this award and I am extremely grateful!

Liebster Award #2

I just want to say off the bat, thank you to Sherita¬†¬†for nominating me for this award. I am very much appreciative of the fact that my work ethic and… Read more Liebster Award #2

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