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Category: Health

Being fit and active is the key to staying in good shape and keeping on top of your health!

The Benefits of Physical Activity

During this global pandemic, I’m sure many of you have found yourselves locked away and staying indoors. It is a new world we are living in currently and I would… Read more The Benefits of Physical Activity

Stop Overthinking!

It is a natural human emotion to think. We think when evaluating a situation or when making a decision which is needed. However, overthinking will definitely lead you down a… Read more Stop Overthinking!

You should always strive to be happy!

Follow Your Passion In Life

The first thing I want to say on this post is to never settle. If you hate what you do, then you should think about changing your current situation. We… Read more Follow Your Passion In Life

vWe do have to work hard in order to accomplish our goals but remember to rest so that you can are giving 100% each and every time

Rest and Recovery

Yes, you have to do work to see results but don’t tire yourself out. If you feel like you’re tired and work is getting too much, then take a day… Read more Rest and Recovery

When you find your purpose in life, then life will be a lot better for you!

Find Meaning and Purpose In Life

A lot of people put emphasis on happiness and believe this will make life better. Now, this statement is true, to an extent. Happiness is a state which can change… Read more Find Meaning and Purpose In Life

This is something which affects so many people so I thought I would write a post on it.

Mental Health

When it comes to mental health, it is a very sensitive subject even for the strongest of individuals. Mental health is a real issue and there are so many men… Read more Mental Health

Is gaming a good thing or a bad thing for your education?

The Effect Of Gaming On Education

Gaming is a hobby which many individuals love to do, including myself. However, there are many proven studies which say that gaming can have a negative effect on the way… Read more The Effect Of Gaming On Education

If you are grateful and thankful of what you have, then you are happy!

Be Grateful!

Always strive to be in a state of mind where you feel gratitude for what you have in life. There are many people who compare their lives to people who… Read more Be Grateful!

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