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Category: Life Lesson

Pressure can get you results whereas stress will bring you down!

Pressure Is Good, Stress Is Not!

You may think of both pressure and stress to be one and the same but they are not. If someone puts pressure on you to do something, it may be… Read more Pressure Is Good, Stress Is Not!

Learn not to show off everything you have and to grow in silence!

Grow Silently

There will always be people who wish for your downfall even though to you, they may seem like your best friend or a good character. This is why you should… Read more Grow Silently

Always plan ahead as this will increase your chances of success!

Plan Ahead!

When you go on a trip, what do you do? You plan ahead. This is because you want the trip to go as smoothly as possible so that you can… Read more Plan Ahead!

The power of visualisation is very strong and will definitely help you reach success!

Visualisation With Action Is Powerful

Having goals is a good step on the path to success. However, in order to truly reach success, you must visualise what you are going to do and how you… Read more Visualisation With Action Is Powerful

There are many people who have failed. Use these examples as inspiration for you to do whatever you want to do in life!

Use Failure As Inspiration

It is very easy to see people who are now successful and to think they had it easy in life. To think that they never overcame obstacles and they never… Read more Use Failure As Inspiration

Always be genuine and true to yourself!

Be True To Yourself!

You should always endeavour to be a genuine and honest individual. The very famous saying ‘Honesty is the best policy’ is definitely something which I try to uphold. If you… Read more Be True To Yourself!

To truly prosper, you must take part in activities and take risks which are outside your comfort zone.

Grow Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

Anyone and everyone can live their day to day lives doing what makes them comfortable. We are creatures of habit and so what you do day in day out will… Read more Grow Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

Always endeavour to do the right thing by anyone and everyone you meet!

Always Do The Right Thing

For me personally, integrity is an important trait for a person to have. A person who has strong moral principles and who sticks by their words is a person who… Read more Always Do The Right Thing

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