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How do you define success at university? What do you need to do to be successful in your degree?

The Formula For University

University is a very tricky phase in every student’s life which is why I wanted to dedicate a post to the ins and outs of being successful at university. Go… Read more The Formula For University


When you are at university, money is always an issue. So where do you go for some extra cash? All students will know about loans but not many will know… Read more Scholarships

Reading Material

Reading is something you should be doing whilst being a student. You read all the time which is why you can speak with no hesitation and why your sentences just… Read more Reading Material

Consult Teachers

Teachers will be the reason you either pass or fail a subject. They will be helping you every step of the way so don’t ever feel that you cannot talk… Read more Consult Teachers

The Kind Of Student I Was

In this post, I will detail how I was as a student during GCSE and A-Levels. I hope you guys can gain a lot from this post and apply some… Read more The Kind Of Student I Was

Find Resources

Resources are a very important part of learning new techniques given to you. They serve many purposes, one of which is the idea that if you don’t understand the concept… Read more Find Resources

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