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vWe do have to work hard in order to accomplish our goals but remember to rest so that you can are giving 100% each and every time

Rest and Recovery

Yes, you have to do work to see results but don’t tire yourself out. If you feel like you’re tired and work is getting too much, then take a day… Read more Rest and Recovery

Is gaming a good thing or a bad thing for your education?

The Effect Of Gaming On Education

Gaming is a hobby which many individuals love to do, including myself. However, there are many proven studies which say that gaming can have a negative effect on the way… Read more The Effect Of Gaming On Education

Doing regular exercise helps in all aspects of life and will ensure that you can reach your full potential

Exercise Regularly

Doing regular exercise definitely helps and not just in becoming more fit. Regularly taking part in exercise will increase your energy levels meaning you will be more engaged when approaching… Read more Exercise Regularly

Extracurricular Activities

Taking part in after school activities will definitely contribute to your success in school. It takes your mind off exams and will give you a sense of accomplishment which is… Read more Extracurricular Activities

Reading Material

Reading is something you should be doing whilst being a student. You read all the time which is why you can speak with no hesitation and why your sentences just… Read more Reading Material

Get Enough Sleep

Make sure that you are getting enough sleep each night. This does not only apply to the night before your exam but for every night. This is because by getting… Read more Get Enough Sleep


Sorry in advance if the above picture makes you hungry. It definitely made me hungry! I know a lot of my posts have been about doing as much revision as… Read more Rest

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