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There are many ways to get to the right answer, you just need to free your mind to explore different avenues!

There Is More Than One Way To Get The Right Answer

Do not have the mentality of trying one answer and then giving up. This will do you no good for the future and in your future career. You need to… Read more There Is More Than One Way To Get The Right Answer

Whether you got good grades or bad grades, keep your head high!

GCSE Results Day

Today will have been GCSE results day and so I just wanted to write a post on it. If you received good results, then congratulations! All the hard work paid… Read more GCSE Results Day

Public speaking is a skill which can really help you achieve success in the future

Public Speaking

In this post, I will talk about public speaking and how it can help you in your future career. During your educational journey, you will be asked to speak in… Read more Public Speaking

There are patterns all around us and if we can identify these patterns especially in our day to day lives, the quality of life will improve drastically

Identify Patterns

Identifying patterns in life is a very good skill to have. You may be wondering, “How is knowing what the next pattern in a sequence going to help me in… Read more Identify Patterns

Learn this method and you will be an active listener and pick up on more information

SLANT Listening

SLANT Listening is a technique which contributes to a student’s performance and enables them to take in as much detail as possible. SLANT stands for: Sit up Lean Forward Ask and Answer Questions Nod… Read more SLANT Listening

Analysing data will prove to be a useful skill in the future

Learn How To Analyse Data

We will all analyse data at some stage in our lives whether that be trying to find a certain topic using the contents page or looking at some tables at… Read more Learn How To Analyse Data

Problem solving is a skill which is required all around the world in every sector so if you become good in the art of problem solving, you will be much better off!

Problem Solving

Employers all look for problem solving skills. Whenever you have an assessment centre or you have to do tests online, they are looking at how efficient you are when it… Read more Problem Solving

In order to reach the highest of highs, we must be willing to overcome the lowest of lows.

Risking Failure To Reach Success

Success, for me personally, is not a destination but it is actually a journey. It is getting knocked down but having the courage and the fight to get back up… Read more Risking Failure To Reach Success

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