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Going 18 hours without food and drink definitely affects students with their education.

The Effects Of Ramadan On Education

It is that time of the year where Muslims are fasting and will not have food or drink for 18 hours at a time. This sacrifice definitely plays a part… Read more The Effects Of Ramadan On Education

You need to be able to be calm under pressure if you do not know the answer to a multiple choice question. This post will enable you to have a good technique when approaching multiple choice questions.

How To Approach Multiple Choice Questions

To be able to be effective when approaching multiple choice questions, you need to have the right mentality as this will allow you to get more of these questions right.… Read more How To Approach Multiple Choice Questions

Experience is well sought by employers and is now something that is most definitely needed when applying to jobs.

How Do I Gain Experience?

Experience is a key asset that employers are looking for in their ideal candidate. If you have all the will in the world but don’t have the experience to back… Read more How Do I Gain Experience?

People have their own preferences about which direction they wish to go in life and how they want to get there. This will dictate whether they would like to do an apprenticeship or a degree to put them in the best position for their future career.

Apprenticeship Or Degree?

Pros of an Apprenticeship No debt. You will not incur any debts when doing your apprenticeship. As a matter of fact, you will be earning money. This is in comparison… Read more Apprenticeship Or Degree?

Students go to university to learn and pass their degree but do they utilise career fairs to propel them into the job industry?

Career Fairs

To give you background info, career fairs are normally held by universities to give them an insight into different companies and will put on display internships and placements here also.… Read more Career Fairs

We all know that students dread everything about the education system from the schedule to the teachers.

Why Students Don’t Like School

School and education in general is something that students hate. They hate everything about it which is why most students do not put their head down and focus in school.… Read more Why Students Don’t Like School

This post will detail if the modern education society is capable of setting up students for the real world or not.

Are Students Prepared For The Real World?

  There are many debates over whether or not the current education system can help prepare students to do well in life. I know of individuals who are mainly entrepreneurs… Read more Are Students Prepared For The Real World?

We know the benefits of exams but can exams actually damage an individual?

Are Exams Bad For Students?

There can be an argument to say that exams are detrimental for students. The result of a failure can hinder and can mess with anyone’s mind if you let it… Read more Are Exams Bad For Students?

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